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We are grateful to welcome all authors, content, and technical writers to join us. We are building a community of enthusiastic authors and readers. You can write blogs on any topics related to Science & Technology, Computer Science, Entertainment, Lifestyle, etc. We have a team of experienced editors to review and publish blogs.

Here are the categories and genres that we cover

Computer Science
  1. Software Development
  2. Software Design
  3. Software Testing
  4. Web Development
  5. Mobile App Development
  6. Cloud Computing
  7. Iot
  8. Data Science
  9. Search Engine Optimization
  10. Blockchain Technology
  11. Machine Learning
Science & Technology
  1. Chemistry
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Energy
  4. Geology
  5. Mathematics
  6. Environment Research
  7. Electronics
  8. Communication technology
  9. Space Research
  10. Transport
  1. Event management
  2. Music
  3. Movies
  4. Games
  5. TV
  6. Radio
  1. Food
  2. Health & Fitness
  3. Fashion
  4. Travel
  5. Finance
  6. Home Decor
  7. Beauty
  8. Self Care
  9. Family

Could not find the genre you are looking for? Don’t worry, write about your genre to [email protected] and we will guide you further.

Guidelines for authors

  1. Blog contents should be 100% original and should not be copied from anywhere
  2. Plagiarism is not allowed in blog
  3. Blog should be well structured and grammatically correct
  4. Blog should be at least 600 words long
  5. Blog should not be promotional and hyperlinks will be removed if found irrelevant
  6. Include author bio around 300 characters long and headshot image of author
  7. Include images in blog to improve user readability experience

Editor review process

Our editor team will review your blog within 2 to 7 days and will send you an acknowledgement. We reserve the right to remove irrelevant links and edit the contents for better readability.

What will Ever Blogs do for you

  1. We will promote your blog on our social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
  2. Your blog will be shared in our newsletter
  3. You will get a backlink in your bio so people will know more about you

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