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Yes, you read it right! Nowadays many people want to write blogs but hesitate to do so because of no guidance. Writing and publishing your blogs on blogging platforms may lead you to register and share your private information with them. We at Ever Blogs take care of all your queries from start to end. We help writers to make their blogs more readable, effective and publish them on our platform without sharing any private information.

Ever Blogs is a free and open blogging platform/site to publish your blogs easily. Our mission is to share knowledge everywhere and provide a simple and easy platform for everyone to learn & write. We have an expert team of editors to help and review your blog. Join our team of Tech-savvy and enthusiastic authors to showcase your skills & knowledge.

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Ever Blogs is a one-stop solution for all your Technical and Non-Technical needs. We are a community of Tech-savvy and enthusiastic people who strive to make a good change in the Information Age.

Your search ends here. Internet is a huge source of knowledge in this Information Age if used in a proper way. We have a wide range of categories so you can get more out of us. Keep learning and keep growing your knowledge.

Our Community Members

Navanath Jadhav

Software Professional with great enthusiasm for Technologies and Coding. Expertise in React | Angular | Node.js | MongoDB | Express | and still learning.

Arpita Dutta

Blogger | Content writer | Freelance content writer | Proofreader | Content editor.

Namrata Butch

Automation Engineer and Software Professional who loves Coding. Expertise in RPA | UiPath | Qualitia.

Akshay Gudhate

Software Engineer | Author | Books lover | Poet | Tech-savvy | Demystifying Backend
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